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Military families need help with family law issues too

There are two big issues in which military families often turn to legal experts to help them resolve family law issues. The first is divorce. The second is child custody issues. If you are in a military family and are looking to get divorced and have children, you and your family will need to have decision on both issues.

With the divorce process, there is usually a lot of focus on the aspects of property division. With military families, things can be trickier if there is a pension or an imbalance in training and salary abilities between spouses. When it comes to benefits received by military members and their families, the kids will never be barred from the benefits that military parents(s) receive due to their active or past military service. Ex-spouses however can lose those benefits in a divorce if they were not enlisted.

Child custody arrangements can be tailored to a family's specific situation. If one spouse is actively deployed, this could greatly impact the child custody schedule. A one-of-a-kind arrangement may be made in terms of custody schedules, especially if one or both parents are actively deployed in service to our country. There are other family law issues the professionals at Maggio Law Firm PC can help with, but child custody and divorce are by far the most asked about issues.

Military family law issues are not only for military families. Plenty of families that are not tied to the military will need to address these family law issues as well. There is a way to find a solution that works for your military family. These decisions can last for years to come, leaving you free to live your life comfortably.

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