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The link between promotion and divorce

When one part of a couple gets promoted at work, it should mean more money, more stability and a better living standard for the whole family. What it shouldn't mean is a divorce, but a recent study demonstrates this just might be the case if it is the wife getting the promotion.

Mississippi residents may be surprised to hear that, according to the recent study, women who were promoted were at an increased risk of getting divorced after they were promoted at work. This seemed especially true for women who were in traditional gender roles during their marriage. The researchers determined if someone was in a stereotypical marriage by looking at who took a larger share of parental leave and the age of the couple relative to one another. Where the woman took 90 percent of the parental leave and was at least four years younger than her husband, the couple was almost twice as likely to get a divorce if the wife was promoted to a CEO position at private companies within three years of the promotion.

The study points towards an alarming fact-promotions destabilize marriages when it's the woman who gets them. This could be because the husband's career was being valued more than the wife's and the sudden surge in employment causes friction between them, as she spends more time at work and less time completing her stereotypical tasks. It could also be because women feel confident enough to leave men who are not supportive of their career. It is interesting to note that when the promotion goes to the husband, the marriage is not as adversely affected.

There are a number of factors that can cause the end of a marriage, and this could just be one of them. Whatever the reason, it is always helpful to have someone knowledgeable in family law in one's corner who can guide a person through an emotionally difficult time.

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