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Understanding and compassionate child custody advocacy

No two families have the exact same circumstances, so it's not surprising that no two child custody disputes have the exact same issues. Differing work and school schedules, different geographical locations and different religious practices all can be issues for families trying to come to a child custody agreement.

Last week we told you about a family facing some steep but not unique challenges in their child custody dispute. The mother, who was incarcerated, requested that the family law court order the father to bring their children to the prison for visitation. The father opposed granting the order. Looking at the totality of the circumstances, the judge ruled that the father was not required to bring the children in for visitation, but encouraged the father to permit the children to maintain contact with their mother.

Not every Gulfport family is facing this exact situation, but there are other kinds of disputes that can seem hard to resolve. Parents are strongly advised to have a child custody lawyer who will zealously advocate for their interests and the best interests of the children. Attorney Stephen Maggio is an understanding and compassionate advocate for parents facing child custody matters. He has helped many parents and children during his career.

There are many factors that are taken into consideration in determining child custody, including one parent's payment of alimony to the other and whether the children have special medical needs. We take into account these and other issues when representing our clients in child custody matters and other matters for divorcing and separating parents. Our website's child custody page has more information on the services we provide.

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