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Deployment can complicate child custody issues

Many military families make their homes in Mississippi and the Gulfport/Biloxi area. As service personnel know, as rewarding as the career may often be it can also be terribly stressful on a family. This stress, unfortunately, contributes to high divorce rates among military families and results in the same types of issues that other divorcing couples face, like child custody and support matters.

Service personnel also face their own unique sets of challenges when it comes to divorce and child custody issues. Deployment, for example, can add a considerable level of strain to a parent's relationship with their children, as well as with the other parent. This means that when military parents are divorcing, the possibility of being deployed should be a major consideration when crafting a child custody plan.

If you risk deployment, you will need a custody plan that ensures your children are cared for, whether by the other parent or, if they are unable to, another trusted family member. Frequent communication and as much visitation as practical in the circumstances are also important, as are matters of support. Create a family care plan and make sure it is filed with the Department of Defense. Your military service should not affect your right to custody, and once your tour is up, you can always seek a modification of the custody arrangement.

Divorces involving children can be more difficult, because everyone wants what is best for the children. If you also happen to in the military and at risk for being deployed, the child custody matters involved can be overwhelming. Fortunately, our firm has had extensive experience working on child custody issues with military families. Visit the child custody page on our law firm's website to see how we can help you with a custody plan that right for you and your children.

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