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Don't rely on informal child custody arrangements

If you and your former or soon-to-be-former spouse have a good relationship, you may consider a handshake agreement when it comes to child custody. You probably think that you can both just "work it out." And that may be true. However, even the best relationships have bumpy times, and over the course of years, parts of the agreement can be remembered incorrectly.

A long-term arrangement like child custody is best done in a formal manner, on paper, with a judge's signature. This way, in the event of a breakdown in communication, you will have the agreement to rely upon and revisit to clarify any disagreement. Moreover, even with a formal custody agreement in place the parties can agree upon an occasional exception.

In the event that the circumstances of one or both parties have changed, a custody agreement can be modified. Modifying one or several terms in a custody agreement can be done with an application to the court and the support of both parties. It is not complex matter, but a good family law attorney can certainly make the process go more smoothly.

As well as you may get along with your former spouse, disagreements happen and memories are not always correct. At the same time, you both want what is best for your children. A formal child custody and visitation agreement can make sure that everyone involved knows their rights and obligations. A seasoned family law attorney can help ensure that the agreement is drafted correctly, taking into account the needs of both children and parents. Visit the child custody page on our firm's website to learn how we can help with your child custody matters.

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