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Issues present in a child support dispute

Leading up, during and following the divorce process, spouses can experience a multitude of disputes and legal issues. This is true if children are involved in the process. Parents are not only fighting over who gets the children when but also the financial support that might go hand-in-hand with the child custody order. Child support can be a hot topic for parents to work through, especially when they do not believe they should pay any support.

While many New York parents are faced with child support disputes, what many parents do is obtain legal help throughout this process. This provides a more accurate perspective while also helping him or her understand their rights. This could mean taking action during or after the divorce process. While establishing a support agreement during dissolution is vital, it is likely that these issues will be revisited following divorce as the needs of the child often alter and the ability for parents to pay may be strained.

There are several issues to consider when working through a child support dispute. This includes understanding whether paternity has been established, if a payment plan can be agreed to, whether going to court to establish an order is necessary, how much child support is available, what factors the court will look at when setting the amount owed, what enforcement options are available if payments are not being made, when do the child support obligations end, how will child support impact your finances and how these payments could impact your tax responsibilities.

Obtaining legal guidance could help you have your side heard and fought for. Whether you are seeking a certain amount, attempting to reduce the amount requested by an ex, seeking modification of a current order, attempting to enforce an order or want to end a child support order, it is important to understand how to accomplish these objectives. Additionally, parents should understand their rights and what steps they can take to protect them as well as the best interests of their children.

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