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Helping you obtain a favorable outcome during divorce

As we enter a new year, we also enter the month with the highest rate of divorce filings. Because spouses seek to enjoy one last holiday season and avoid breaking the holiday spirits of loved ones by sharing the news that their marriage is over, married couples in Mississippi and elsewhere file for divorce once the new year rolls around. While this is a frequent time to file for dissolution during this month, it certainly is never an easy decision to make no matter what month it is.

Filing for divorce means making difficult, serious, life-altering decisions. It also means understanding what you want to walk away from the marriage with and how you want to reach a final order. At Maggio Law Firm, P.C., our skilled attorneys have dealt with a wide variety of legal divorce issues. Thus, we are ready and prepared to help those in the Gulfport area navigate the divorce process.

It is true. Divorce can get messy. But depending on the dynamics of the relationship and the ability of the spouses to work together to reach a final agreement, a divorcing couple might be able to reach a final order through negotiation. However, if this process is not effective, our law firm is prepared to guide our clients through the mediation and litigation processes.

Whether you are dealing with property division disputes, child custody battles or in disagreement about spousal and child support, our law firm has years of experience helping our clients sort through these matters and obtain a favorable result. To learn more, check out our law firm's divorce website. Although it might be an unpleasant and emotional process, it is important to understand how you can reach a positive result when it comes to a final divorce decree.

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