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What is the residency period for a Mississippi military divorce?

Military marriages face the same kinds of strain as civilian marriages, and often they face more strain. For this reason, many military marriages end in divorce. Many readers probably know that most states establish residency requirements within the state before a divorce may be filed there. It usually isn't possible to file for divorce immediately after entering the state. Usually a party must be a bona fide resident of the state for a certain number of months before filing.

How does this work for military personnel, however, where a move is often made by order of a superior officer instead of by the will of one or both spouses? Must a military member or their spouse wait the full residency period before filing for divorce? This blog post will briefly discuss how this process works in the state of Mississippi.

Civilians in the Magnolia State usually must wait six months after moving here before they can file for divorce. Specifically, one of the parties must move to Mississippi and be a bona fide resident of the state for six months before that party can file for divorce from their spouse.

What about military members -- or their spouses -- who are stationed in Mississippi? As long as they are stationed in Mississippi at the time they separated, they will be considered a bona fide resident of the state. The divorce statute does not provide for a waiver of the residency period, so military members or their spouses will usually also have to wait six months after moving here to file for divorce under the state's military family law.

Source: FindLaw, "Mississippi Code Title 93. Domestic Relations § 93-5-5. Residence requirements," accessed on Dec. 2, 2017

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