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We help Mississippi clients in family law court

If Mississippi residents were asked to list the top 10 stressful situations a person could be in, having to go to court would probably be near the top of many people's lists. This would likely be especially true for family law court, where issues such as child custody and property division are handled. It's good to be prepared for court; many people find that this reduces their stress levels.

Based on the experience of the staff of Maggio Law Firm, PC, we can provide some general tips to people looking to make the courtroom experience go more smoothly. We recommend that clients dress professionally for court. Dress for court the same way you would dress for a job interview. We also recommend showing respect for the judge. Always address the judge as "your honor," "sir" or "ma'am" when in a Mississippi courtroom. There are other recommendations that can vary with the case being presented.

In addition to 16 years of private practice, attorney Stephen Maggio also has three years of experience as a public defender and over a decade of experience as a municipal judge. Among his peers, Mr. Maggio is known and highly respected for his honesty, hard work, preparation, aggressiveness and tenacity. He has taken on some of the biggest law firms in Mississippi and won.

Maggio Law Firm, PC, serves clients all along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We have the experience and problem-solving skills needed to seek the most appropriate outcome for our clients in any case. For more information, please see the family court page on our website.

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