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Divorce may have financial and other benefits for spouses

In Mississippi and across the country, divorce is often portrayed in a negative light. While the circumstances of a divorce can be unfortunate or even tragic, many of the consequences of a divorce can be positive for a Mississippi spouse. It is important to set the record straight so that Mississippi spouses have a more complete view of the pluses and minuses of divorce.

Not too long ago, we described some of the possible financial benefits of a divorce. For example, it may be easier to access money in a retirement account without a penalty if the account has gone through the property division process. Also, children of divorced parents may be eligible for more financial aid for college, and the spouse may need to get less input, or even no input, from the other spouse before making major financial decisions. Of course, the benefits of a divorce may be more than just financial.

When a spouse is considering filing for divorce or is faced with a divorce filing from their spouse, it can be critical to have excellent legal representation on their side. Attorney Stephen Maggio has a track record of swift, accurate legal action on behalf of Gulfport spouses, both filers and respondents. Our firm's years of aggressive representation gives us the background to provide the knowledgeable legal advice that spouses seek.

We can help Mississippi spouses with uncontested and contested divorces. We can discuss legal options with the goal of seeking the most favorable outcome given the circumstances and the client's wishes. Our divorce page has more information and describes how to get in touch with us.

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