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Visitation rights: fixed visitation versus reasonable visitation

When one Mississippi parent is awarded physical custody of a child, it is very common for the other parent to be awarded visitation rights. Visitation is sometimes called parenting time. This is an apt description because it is an opportunity for parent and child to spend quality time together. Not all visitation plans are identical, however, and there are differing kinds of visitation that a parent may encounter.

One common child custody arrangement is a fixed visitation schedule. With a fixed visitation schedule, the parents will be provided with a schedule for the non-custodial parent to have visitation with the child. Very often the schedule will be imposed by a court. This arrangement has the advantage of reliability; each parent knows well in advance when and where visitation will happen. Not all fixed visitation schedules are very flexible, however, so parents with a fixed visitation schedule may have to structure their lives around the schedule.

Another option is a reasonable visitation schedule. This is when the judge leaves it to the parents to work out a visitation schedule. The only requirement is that the schedule be reasonable. This plan works well for parents who can agree on a schedule for visitation for their children. This plan also has the virtue of potentially being very flexible if the parents decide to alter the schedule on a temporary or permanent basis. But, if the parents find that they can no longer agree on a reasonable schedule, a reasonable visitation schedule may no longer work out for them.

Whether their visitation plan is fixed or reasonable, parents have a say in visitation, and a Mississippi family law attorney can provide information to interested parents.

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