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Getting the right child custody order

Parents in Mississippi and elsewhere understand what lengths a parent will go through to meet the needs of their child. While this is usually better accomplished in a two-parent household, parents going through the divorce process are still able to put their child first, ensuring their needs and interests are met with every decision made during dissolution. This usually begins by devising a strong, workable and fair child custody agreement.

At our law firm, we understand that it is extremely difficult going from parenting a child full-time to parenting a child half of the time or less. Nonetheless, we are aware of the realities of this legal process, noting that the court will utilize the "best interests of the child" standard in order to arrive at a suitable child custody arrangement. We are dedicated to guiding parents in the Gulfport area through this process, attempting to ensure that their goals and needs are also met.

When it comes to child custody agreements, there are four basics that should be understood. First, there is legal custody. This is when a parent is granted the right to contribute to the major decisions that determine the upbringing of a child. This includes decisions such as religion, medical, educational and social. Next, there is physical custody. This refers to where a child will reside. This could be at both parent's homes or at one parent's home, with the other parent obtaining visitation rights.

Third is temporary custody, which occurs when there is a contested divorce. The courts will determine what is best for the child while the case is pending trial. Finally, there is permanent custody. This occurs when the court reaches a decision regarding which parent will be granted full and permanent custody of the child. When making this decision, the court will also decide the legal custody and visitation rights of the other parent.

To learn more, please visit our law firm's child custody website. There are many factors to consider when seeking child custody, and the courts have their standards and basics to guide them to a final decision. However, parents seeking to initiate, modify or enforce a child custody order should note they have the opportunity to protect their parental rights and seek an arrangement they believe is suitable for all parties involved.

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