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The right approach to child custody issues

Among all of the highly contentious topics in divorce law and separation law, child custody is easily one of the most contentious. Child custody goes to the heart of the issues of who the child will grow up with, where the child will grow up and what kind of upbringing the child will have. Parents in Gulfport obviously have strong feelings regarding these issues. Children very often have strong feelings regarding these issues as well.

Not long ago, a previous post here detailed the story of two sisters who were the subject of a child custody dispute between their mother and their father. Despite the fact that the girls indicated they did not want to live with their father, he was granted full custody. They then allegedly ran away, were discovered over two years later living on a horse farm and their mother was charged with facilitating their disappearance. The family law court approved a plan to reunify the girls with their father, again over the objections of the girls.

This is an extreme case, yet it shows how contentious a child custody dispute can become. Parents may be well-advised to get more information about family law if they find themselves in a custody dispute. At our law firm, we understand the issues that can come up in family law and we do our best to help our clients achieve a good result.

Even after a custody arrangement has been made, it may be necessary to make a modification to it. At our law firm, we work with our clients to craft an appropriate legal strategy. The child custody page of our law firm's website has more information on the rights of parents in child custody matters.


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