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Adoption is an exciting growth opportunity for families

The adoption process is an exciting opportunity to grow a family. It also has important legal implications and can have a meaningful emotional impact on the parties. It can also carry with it a lot of excitement and hope for the future which is why it is helpful for families to be familiar with the process when contemplating it. In addition, the adoption process can be complicated so having trained guidance throughout it can help the adoption process be a smoother one.

There are different types of adoption including stepparent adoption; grandparent adoption; private adoption; adoption through an adoption agency; cross-state adoptions; and adult adoptions, among other types of adoption. Mississippi law currently prohibits same-sex couples from adopting.

To adopt, the party adopting must be over 21 and must have written consent of the parents or guardian of the party being adopted. If the party being adopted is over a certain again, their consent is also required. If consent is not obtained, the family law court provides a process for termination of parental rights. There are a variety of complexities that can arise during the adoption process so it helps to be familiar with the different steps in the adoption process and how to properly proceed through each phase of the process.

Families may have a number of concerns and questions regarding the adoption process. Because the adoption process provides a unique opportunity to start or grow a family, it can be invaluable for parties considering adoption to understand the process and be prepared for the challenges they may face and how to respond to them.

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