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February 2017 Archives

The different grounds for divorce in Mississippi

Under the law, marriage is a civil contract that carries with it certain rights and obligations. Divorce legally ends a relationship at the end of a marriage. There are different methods of divorce in Mississippi. One method is referred to as no-fault divorce when the couple agrees to divorce and can then settle divorce-related issues such as property division, alimony, child support and child custody. In other circumstances, when one of the spouses files for divorce, they can do so based on 12 fault grounds for divorce in Mississippi and the court determines if the couple can divorce.

Mississippi man jailed for failure to pay child support

This blog recently discussed child support enforcement resources and child support modification options as well. A Mississippi man was recently jailed for failure to pay child support. The man owes $223,000 in unpaid back child support. The 50-year old man was recently arrested for contempt of court. He and his ex-wife were married for 16 years and divorced in 2004 with 3 children. Both are from Mississippi.

How are child support orders enforced in Mississippi?

Child support is important for children and families which is why there are a variety of methods by which child support orders are enforced. It is important to keep in mind that family law resources are available to parents seeking to enforce a child support order, as well as parents struggling to comply with a child support order who may need to seek a modification of a child support order. Both paying and recipient parents may wonder, however, by what methods child support obligations are enforced in Mississippi.

Military couples should understand the military divorce process

Though there may be similarities between military divorces and non-military divorces, certain rules and requirements apply to military divorces so it is important to be familiar with those rules and requirements and the military divorce process. In addition to jurisdiction, filing and service concerns that may be unique to a military divorce, there are additional important concerns that may be unique concerns military couples face when divorcing related to property division, child custody, child support and spousal support.