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What are some child custody factors in Mississippi?

When parents in a Mississippi divorce, despite the acrimony between them, they may still want to see that their child gets through the divorce as best as possible. Child custody decisions can be emotionally charged, due to each parent's love for their child.

In fact, the standard the court will use when making a child custody determination is the "best interests of the child." However, what other factors will the court consider when making a child custody decision?

The child's age and sex may be factors, as may be which parent was the child's primary caretaker. In addition, each parent's willingness and ability to care for the child are a factor. If a parent's job will keep he or she away from home can also be a factor.

Moreover, the emotional bond between the parent and his or her child may be considered as may the moral fitness of each of the child's parents. In addition, if there is a difference in the financial position of each parent or if there is a difference in the parents' core values, this may also be considered. Children age 12-year-old or older can express a preference as to which parent he or she wants to live with, although this request is not binding on the judge.

As this shows, there are a myriad of factors that go into making a child custody order, and this post cannot guarantee any specific result in a child custody hearing. Child custody decisions may not be simple, however, by keeping the child's best interests in mind, a decision can be made that is fair and appropriate.

Source:, "Child Custody: Considering the Best Interests of the Child," accessed on July 25, 2016

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