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July 2016 Archives

Military benefits, medical coverage and the 20-20-15 rule

For residents of Mississippi who are getting a divorce, an issue that is of frequent concern is how their health care status will be determined once the case is finalized. While the law has certain guidelines, those in the military have different rules. Knowing about this before the military divorce can avoid any confusion and problems later.

How is child support determined in Mississippi?

When Mississippi residents are parting ways and share a child, one of the biggest concerns they will eventually have to deal with is how much the supporting parent will have to pay the custodial parent to care for the child. The state has a child support formula based on the law. This details how much the supporting parent will pay.

When may grandparent visitation be awarded in Mississippi?

The time spent between a grandparent and grandchild is special to both parties. However, sometimes, after an acrimonious divorce or for other reasons, this bond is severed and the grandparent is being kept away from his or her grandchild. But, per Mississippi Code section 93-16-3, there are a number of circumstances in which a grandparent may be awarded visitation rights.