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June 2016 Archives

Dividing military pensions in a military divorce

Civilians in Gulfport may have retirement packages, such as 401(k)s, Individual Retirement Accounts and pensions, that may be included in the division of assets in the event of a divorce. Similarly, those in the military may have military pensions that would be included in the division of assets, in the event of a military divorce. This can present some complexities, however. Therefore, service members getting a divorce may want to seek legal help.

Flexibility can be key to a happy summer post-divorce

Summertime is here and that means school is out for children across Mississippi. Divorced parents may find that their summertime parenting schedule differs from the child custody and visitation schedule used during the school year. Often, the parent's divorce settlement or a court-ordered schedule will dictate how child custody and visitation will be handled over the summer. However, parents still need to be flexible during this time.

Property division in a divorce can quickly become complex

Couples in Mississippi facing divorce have many issues to work through. Of course, emotionally, they are dealing with the end of their marriage and trying to figure out how they will move on. But, there are also many legal issues they will grapple with during this time. One of these issues is property division.

What factors might a court consider when awarding alimony?

When it comes to divorce, the phrase "alimony" may come up, and it can be a hotly contested issue. The spouse requesting alimony may want to ensure it is a fair amount, but the spouse that will be paying alimony may not agree on what is fair. This begs the question, however, of why pay alimony in the first place?

Johnny Depp’s wife files for divorce, asks for spousal support

Time and time again we hear about celebrities who got themselves in a financial mess because of the way they handled their marriage and divorce. Anyone who plans to get married can benefit from a prenuptial agreement, but it’s especially true if you have a lot of assets. And when it comes to celebrities, “a lot” is a modest way to describe their assets.

How does divorce affect one's insurance policies?

Arguments about money are a common factor in divorce. Divorce and finances can go hand-in-hand for some couples in Gulfport. Of course, many people know that in divorce their marital assets, including financial assets, will be divided. After the property division process is complete, an individual may find that they still hold certain insurance policies. It is important that these policies are updated as is necessary after a divorce, to avoid personal and financial problems down the road.

Actor David Hasselhoff claims he can no longer afford alimony

Residents of Mississippi may remember actor David Hasselhoff from the hit television show "Baywatch." What they may not know is that he is currently paying alimony to an ex-wife in the amount of $252,000 annually. However, the ex-couple is now embroiled in a court battle, with Hasselhoff maintaining he can no longer afford to pay spousal support.