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Seeking help with initial child support orders and beyond

Like many other states in the nation, Mississippi statutes have guidelines for calculating child support. These guidelines are based on each parent’s income, visitation time and many other factors.

However, relationships are complicated and that can make applying the guidelines to your case more confusing than it may at first seem. What if a child has special needs or there is some other good reason that a deviation from the guidelines should occur? What if a parent is self-employed or only receives his or her wages in cash? What if a parent is purposefully underemployed so that he or she does not have to pay an appropriate amount of child support? These and many more questions can come up in any child support case, despite the existence of statutory guidelines.

It is vitally important that a fair and appropriate amount of child support is determined. Custodial parents often rely on child support to raise their child in a healthy environment that meets the child’s various needs. Caring for a child costs money, and this burden should not be placed solely on one parent or the other; it is the duty of both parents to care for their child financially.

If you have questions about Mississippi’s child support guidelines and how they might apply to your situation, you may want to seek legal help. The legal team at Maggio Law Firm, PC, has over 20 years of experience representing parents in southern Mississippi with child support and other family law cases. His firm represents clients who are pursuing child support for the first time, as well as those who wish to modify or enforce an existing order. The following information about child support in Mississippi may be a good resource for parents who are interested in pursuing child support or have questions about an existing order.

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