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Statistics show military divorce rate may be going down

Military families in Gulfport are often under a great deal of stress, particularly when one spouse is deployed. For various reasons, couples in which one or both spouses are in the military may find that continuing their marriage is simply impossible and they need to get a divorce. However, according to some statistics the military divorce rate may actually be going down.

The U.S. Department of Defense has recently released some interesting statistics regarding the military divorce rate. According to the statistics, the U.S. military divorce rate went down in 2015. This makes it the sixth year in a row that the military divorce rate has gone down, and in fact it is now at the lowest rate it has been in 10 years. Both enlisted troops and officers saw a 3 percent divorce rate in 2015, which is a slight decline from 2014. This is significant, as the divorce rate was 3.7 in 2011. The rate in which military couples divorce is based on information utilized in the distribution of benefits.

Why might military divorce rates be going down? One study attributes the decline in divorce to the fact that military families are not under as much stress as they have been in previous years. While they aren't entirely certain why there is less stress, it is the case that fewer individuals are being deployed.

The civilian divorce rate on the other hand is calculated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on a per-1,000 person basis, although it only includes 45 states. Because the methods for calculating the divorce rates differ in this way, it is not possible to compare the military divorce rate to the civilian divorce rate.

Although the military divorce rate seems to be dropping, there are still military couples that find that they can no longer stay in an unhappy marriage. However, military divorces differ from civilian divorces in a number of ways. For this reason, it is important for each spouse to have the help and advice he or she needs to protect his or her interests during the military divorce process.

Source:, "Military Divorce Rate Continues Slow But Steady Decline," Amy Bushatz, April 22, 2016

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