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Child support arrears can result in license suspension

Previously this blog has discussed the various methods that can be used to collect back child support in Mississippi. Today we are going to examine one of those methods more closely --  license suspension

The License Suspension Program is mandated by the federal government. Through it, various types of licenses can be suspended if a parent fails to meet his or her child support obligations. Any type of professional license that the state regulates, such as a license to practice medicine, can be suspended. In addition, licenses to serve alcohol and business licenses can be suspended. Of course, one’s license to drive could be suspended if he or she doesn’t pay the required amount of child support. Even fishing and hunting licenses can be suspended.

If the paying parent ceases paying child support for two months, the License Suspension Program will go into effect. The Mississippi Department of Human Services will conduct a search of a database to determine if the paying parent has any licenses. After that the MDHS will notify the paying parent that they have met the specifications for license suspension. Finally, the paying parent has 90 days to catch up on his or her child support payments or work out a plan with which to pay his or her delinquencies. If a person enters into a payment plan, he or she may keep his or her license. However, if he or she fails to make a payment per the plan, he or she will automatically have his or her license suspended. 

License suspension is a serious matter, but it may make it possible for custodial parents to receive the child support payments they need to raise their child. If a paying parent finds him or herself in a financial situation that prevents him or her from paying child support, he or she may consider seeking a child support modification. 

Source: MDHS, “License Suspension Program,” accessed on March 19, 2016 

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