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April 2016 Archives

Statistics show military divorce rate may be going down

Military families in Gulfport are often under a great deal of stress, particularly when one spouse is deployed. For various reasons, couples in which one or both spouses are in the military may find that continuing their marriage is simply impossible and they need to get a divorce. However, according to some statistics the military divorce rate may actually be going down.

Can a service member living abroad seek a divorce?

A divorce between a military service member from Gulfport and his or her spouse is subject to its own special rules and regulations, particularly with regards to health care benefits, spousal support and child support. However, what happens if one spouse is stationed overseas and is seeking a military divorce?

What does "irreconcilable differences" mean?

Last week's post on this blog discussed 12 grounds upon which a Mississippi couple could get a divorce. One ground for divorce that is very common in other states is "irreconcilable differences." This ground implicates that neither partner is at fault in the divorce, but that the couple simply decided for personal reasons that their marriage should come to an end.

On what grounds can a Mississippi couple get divorced?

There are many reasons why couples in Mississippi may decide to divorce. Sometimes couples simply find they can no longer agree on anything. Many arguments may occur before the decision to divorce is made. However, once a couple in Mississippi decides to divorce, despite the sadness that may accompany the end of a marriage, there may also be a sense of relief that the pain of an unhappy marriage is coming to an end.

Child custody plans can address both present and future issues

Life is ever-changing, and - as many residents of Mississippi may know firsthand - time marches on. A spouse or romantic partner that you may have vowed to spend your life with might change in a way that makes the relationship untenable. Or perhaps you were the one who underwent a significant life change that ultimately lead to the end of the relationship. Either way, once a couple in Mississippi splits up, there are a number of issues that must be discussed. And if the couple has children, it goes without saying that they will need to create a parenting plan, also known as a child custody order.