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Legal custody and physical custody in Mississippi

When parents in Mississippi divorce, they may find themselves facing the sometimes difficult position of working out child custody and visitation terms with their ex. In general, in Mississippi two types of child custody that parents will need to resolve are legal custody and physical custody.

First of all, let's examine legal custody. Legal custody entails a parent's ability to make major life choices with regards to raising the child. For example, what religion will the child practice? Or, if the child becomes ill, what health care treatments will be provided? In general, courts may issue shared joint legal custody to the parents. However, this might not be the case if one parent is deemed to be unfit to make such major life choices. If there is shared legal custody, each parent is granted the same ability to contribute to these choices.

Next, let's move on to physical custody. This refers to where the child will live on a day to day basis. In many cases, one parent will be granted primary physical custody, and the child will live with that parent. The child's other parent will then be given the right to visit the child, for example on weekends, holidays and perhaps during summer vacation. Sometimes, however, parents will share physical custody and the child will spend an equal amount of time with each of them.

Making child custody decisions may not be easy. After all, while both parents may want what is best for their child, their relationship with each other may be so toxic that it prevents them from being objective. However legal professionals, such as those at The Maggio Law Firm, PC, understand that divorce is an emotional time and parents who love their child may have many concerns about how their divorce will affect their child in the future. An attorney can provide objective advice about how the law applies to their clients' specific situations, and what their clients' legal options are. The following link to information about child custody in Mississippi may be one resource for individuals looking to learn more about this topic.

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