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Jamie McCourt sites her own ignorance for her divorce settlement

Turning to the page in your life that comes after divorce can be difficult for any Mississippi couple. If you happen to be a couple that has accumulated significant assets over the course of your marriage, issues of property division can make for a lot of contention that can wind up being very costly. We noted as much in one particular post last March.

The circumstances of that case were not what most people would consider typical. Jamie and Frank McCourt were the parties involved and the issue that sparked a return visit to the courts was the sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team for $2.1 billion.

That came after Jamie McCourt had already agreed to a divorce settlement worth about $180 million. When she learned how much the team had sold for, she claimed she had been misled about its value and that she should be entitled to a good deal more money. Unfortunately, an appeals court disagreed.

Our purpose in bringing this up isn't to rehash old news. Rather, we seek to make the point that matters of divorce can be very complicated -- requiring a degree of specific skill and knowledge that most people don't have. Even if you are very smart, it is possible to overlook important details related to valuation of complex assets. With an experienced attorney's help you can be more confident that such details won't be missed.

Jamie McCourt acknowledges as much in her own case. This is a woman who recently admitted, despite having several degrees, including a law degree and an MBA, she "could not have been more ignorant and naïve about her own financial situation." And she says she wound up paying dearly for that lack of knowledge.

If someone that bright can make such a mistake, how easy might it be for you?

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