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Divorce With A Smile? Are You Serious?

After all of the dreaming and planning of a wedding and the romance of marriage, couples certainly don't enter into such a commitment with divorce on their minds. However, life happens and so do divorces. Some divorces end with spouses amicably going their own separate ways with little to no conflict. Yet others, and these are the ones we hear about most often, are met with each spouse seated in their respective corners, ready to throw down for a down and dirty legal battle.

In a recent analysis of data performed by an online legal form provider, it was revealed which states' divorces are more contentious and which are more likely to end with a smile and a handshake. Believe it or not, Mississippi was one of the states to make the mostly-nice list.

According to the data collected, Mississippi divorces, along with those in several other states, are more than likely to be cordial; meaning that while couples may have their share of disagreements, they are able to get through the ordeal with few complications. Contenders for the naughty list include our neighbors, Arkansas, Tennessee and Alabama; where divorces are more apt to be disagreeable. Louisiana, however, sees more divorces labeled as amicable.

Nevertheless, the fact is that divorces can be complicated and messy. Seeking the advice and guidance of an attorney who understands Mississippi's divorce laws is an important first step to ensuring that the decisions you make are informed ones. If you are considering or are in the middle of a divorce, it is best to contact an attorney to seek the answers you need to move forward.

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