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December 2015 Archives

Things to consider before getting divorced in 2016

We are about to hit New Year's eve and once we make it over the hump of the holidays, it means we are officially in "Divorce Season." Indeed, divorce attorneys throughout the country know that many couples decide to get divorced after the intensity of the holiday season has passed. Whether this is due to the hectic nature of the holidays in terms of emotional and financial stresses, or because no one wants to drop the bad news on Christmas day, the fact is -- January tends to be when a lot of couples throw in the towel.

How do you qualify for 20/20/20 former military spouse benefits?

When it comes to ex-spouses of military service members receiving government benefits, there are some specific rules and regulations that come into play. If you are the ex-spouse of an armed service person, you will want to familiarize yourself with these laws. You may be able to qualify for valuable military benefits that you weren't aware were available.

Divorce With A Smile? Are You Serious?

After all of the dreaming and planning of a wedding and the romance of marriage, couples certainly don't enter into such a commitment with divorce on their minds. However, life happens and so do divorces. Some divorces end with spouses amicably going their own separate ways with little to no conflict. Yet others, and these are the ones we hear about most often, are met with each spouse seated in their respective corners, ready to throw down for a down and dirty legal battle.

Return of missing sisters doesn't end custody debate

We have written on any number of occasions in the past few months about the tension that naturally exists in the family law arena regarding matters related to child custody. The tenet the courts try to follow when deciding what parenting plan to approve is framed by the phrase "the best interests of the child."