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October 2015 Archives

Children and parents can be victims in war on drugs

"Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions." That's a quote attributed to poet T.S. Eliot. Whether there is any truth to the observation is something readers must determine for themselves. But it's hard to deny that there aren't times when it seems valid.

In virtual realm, spousal cheating may be in eye of the beholder

Country singer Brad Paisley says he's grateful for Ashley Madison. To be clear, according to The Associated Press, Paisley is specifically pleased not about the website, but about the news from earlier this summer that the site's security got hacked. As a result, Paisley and co-host Carrie Underwood have fodder for humor as they get ready for this year's Country Music Association Awards next month.

What should you do if you pay or receive alimony?

Sometimes when a couple files for divorce, a judge may order that the splitting couples will have alimony involved in their divorce. It isn't a guarantee that it will be involved in your divorce, even if one spouse is on better financial footing than the other -- but it could happen. In order for alimony to be involved, there has to be a legitimate financial need on the part of one spouse, and the other spouse must have the legitimate capacity to fulfill that financial need.