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Jury-rigging's a valuable skill, but not in family law

A lot of the people living along the Mississippi Gulf Coast have an appreciation for those who can jury-rig a solution. If you're out on the water working and disaster strikes, jury-rigging skills can be a godsend. It might involve applying a little chewing gum and duct tape or using length of line to replace a broken belt on an engine. If it gets you home, the rigger is a hero.

Such inventiveness is admirable, but it isn't necessarily the type of creativity that you want to be employed when the issue at stake involves family law. Such matters are too delicate and affect too many people for too long to be resolved with solutions that are merely good enough.

Family law concerns can be many. If divorce is being considered, there can be questions about whether it can be handled as an uncontested action or if it needs to go to trial. Property division, especially in situations where family businesses are involved, can present delicate challenges. If children are a factor, the issues of custody, visitation, support, perhaps even paternity might create tensions. And sometimes all of these things can be tied together.

No two cases are ever alike. That means that each one needs to be approached with a fresh eye with the ultimate goal of identifying sound solutions for delivering favorable outcomes.

That is our firm's primary objective and we strive to achieve it on behalf our clients by listening carefully to their concerns. We apply our creativity toward identifying needs and finding the right legal strategies to meet them.

If you have family law questions, we invite your call.

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