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Billions in child support owed in Mississippi

Parents across the country have a variety of different parenting styles. Some may hover, for example, while others take a more hands-off approach. As long as a child's physical and emotional needs are met, the chosen parenting style is likely irrelevant. However, when one parent fails to fulfill his or her legal obligations to their children by failing to pay child support, there could be consequences. According to some sources, children in Mississippi are owed billions of dollars, and those accused of failing to pay can face a variety of different consequences.

Typically, the last thing that the state wants to do is see a parent go to jail. However, state officials must still work to secure the money needed to properly care for children. One person who works with the Department of Human Services says that there are over 2,000 people in Mississippi who owe over $50,000. One person owes approximately half a million dollars.

When a person fails to make child support payments for three or more months, they are flagged. The first step made by DHS is to freeze the person's bank accounts followed by the suspension of certain licenses, including fishing, driving and professional. One man even had his passport flagged and was arrested by federal officials after attempts to have him pay the almost $100,000 he owes in child support.

A significant change in circumstances, such as the loss of a job, can inhibit a person's ability to make court-ordered child support payments. However, failure to address these issues with the family court can have serious consequences. In addition to punishments imposed by the state, it could cause irreversible damage to a parent and child's relationship. An experienced attorney can help those in Mississippi who either need to modify their current agreement or enforce it. Having someone on their side who knows the law and all options available could increase their chances of success.

Source:, "SPECIAL REPORT: Deadbeat parents and how far they'll go to avoid", Courtney Ann Jackson, May 7, 2015

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