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Prenuptial agreement discussions can help in the event of divorce

There are many important decisions to make in life. People must decide if and where to go to college, which career path to follow and who to marry. Making one decision often affects several others. For example, once two people decide to marry, they must make choices regarding children and where to live. Some people with legal experience recommend that it is also important for couples in Mississippi to discuss prenuptial agreements in the event their relationships end in divorce.

Such a contract is not one that can be created days or a couple of weeks before a wedding. A conversation about a prenup should be had significantly before the wedding to prevent parties from feeling rushed or coerced. Additionally, while a prenuptial agreement is a legal agreement, it is important to remember that negotiations are basically just discussions occurring between two loving soon-to-be spouses, not two people who were just in an accident with one another. As such, it is important to have calm, rational conversations about the topic.

Some people with experience with family law recommend keeping the items included in such an agreement relatively simple. Including lifestyle clauses, such as detailing how often a mother-in-law can visit, is often overly complicated and likely unenforceable. Some important items to discuss are how much money each person has, who will pay for what and what will happen in the event that one of the spouses passes away, among others.

Deciding to get married is one of the most important decisions a person in Mississippi will ever make. There are many important considerations that go into such a life event. While engaged couples are likely unable to foresee a time when they will no longer be happily in love, it is important to be realistic and recognize that life changes people in unexpected ways. A prenuptial agreement is just one way to smooth the path should divorce become inevitable.

Source: The New York Times, "How to Negotiate a Prenup", Malia Wollan, March 20, 2015

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