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Court upholds settlement in former Dodgers owner's divorce

For many people in Mississippi, the decision to file for divorce is a difficult one that comes only after a great deal of reflection and consideration. Once the decision is made, some couples may have valuable assets to divide. The negotiations surrounding the division of these assets could last for an extended period of time and result in multiple court hearings. In a recent case, an out-of-state appeals court has recently ruled to uphold a previous ruling regarding former Dodger's owner Frank McCourt's divorce settlement.

His wife, Jamie McCourt, originally filed for divorce in Oct. 2009, and the former couple came to an agreement regarding the division of their assets in 2011. According to the agreement, Mrs. McCourt would receive $131 million, plus additional real estate and property valued at $50 million. The next year, Mr. McCourt sold the Dodgers for $2.1 billion, and his former wife sought to overturn their original agreement, arguing that he had misled her about the value of the baseball team.

An appeals court recently denied her request, saying that Mr. McCourt had provided her legal team approximately 220,000 pages of financial documents and that Mrs. McCourt had personally reviewed papers detailing the value of the team. In addition to ruling against her, the court also ordered her to pay her husband almost $2 million to cover legal fees.

When a divorce in Mississippi involves valuable assets, it is important to have experienced professionals who are willing and able to fight for the best interests of their clients. While divorce is often portrayed as a contentious battle, two sides who are willing to come together in compromise are often able to reduce both the length and expense of court proceedings. While the process may seem daunting, an experienced attorney can help smooth the way to the next chapter of a person's life.

Source: ABC News, "Appeals Court Won't Toss Ex-Dodgers Owner's Divorce Deal", Anthony McCartney, Feb. 25, 2015

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