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When marriages are unhappy, divorce could be best for children

There are many different types of families in Mississippi. In addition to varying compositions, dynamics vary from household to household. While there are many parents who are together because they want to be, there are also some people who decline to pursue a divorce despite a failed relationship. In many cases, these people may choose to stay together for the sake of their young children.

While the decision to tough it out in a relationship that is no longer functional for the sake of children may be noble, some people argue that it may also be unnecessary. Many parents worry that a child of divorced parents may have trouble with a successful relationship in the future, but one psychologist says that research on these issues is unclear. Many people have trouble with relationships, regardless of the model set by their parents.

In fact, some people who lived with parents who were together only because of the children actually argue that the decision to not divorce could be detrimental. According to them, such an arrangement sends the wrong message about a healthy relationship. On the other hand, psychologists say that children tend to follow the emotions of their parents. In many cases, the tension created by a no-longer-happy couple is all too obvious to children and could potentially cause them to be unhappy as well.

There are various reasons why couples in Mississippi choose to divorce. Many people find that making the decision to end a marriage is one that allows them to start over in a new, happier life. While many marriages will not end in divorce, it is important that a married couple is staying together for the right reasons.

Source:, "3 Reasons Divorce May Not Be So Bad for Your Kids", Lambeth Hochwald, Jan. 10, 2015

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