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Child custody after a Mississippi divorce

For many families in Mississippi, the decision to divorce is the best one for their individual circumstances. While some couples may be able to quietly dissolve their union and go on with their lives, this is rarely the case for people with children. Even after a child custody arrangement is made, many parents will have to continue working together to make decisions regarding their child's best interest. Before that, however, custody arrangements must be agreed upon.

There are four different types of child custody designations. In many cases, both parents are given legal custody, which gives them each the right to make decisions regarding their children; in some cases, a parent may be deemed unfit to make these decisions. Physical custody deals with how a child's time is split between two parents. Generally, one person is given physical custody, with the other parent receiving visitation. There are some cases in which joint physical custody is appropriate.

In some cases, a custody case is contested. In a situation such as this, a court will award temporary custody until the case is decided. Once the trial comes to a close, a determination of permanent custody will be made. However, as most people know, people's lives change unexpectedly. Even after a permanent custody arrangement has been granted, a request for a modification can be made.

Because issues regarding child custody cases in Mississippi revolve around your child's future, the Maggio Law Firm is here to help. With over two decades of experience, we understand the unique needs of each case and can work to help come to an agreeable resolution regarding your custody case. With our experience, we are sensitive to the needs of our clients and the children at the center of such a case.

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