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December 2014 Archives

Federal bill protects child custody rights of deployed parents

As millions of Americans in Mississippi and across the country are shopping, wrapping presents and sitting down to a holiday table overflowing with favorite foods, it is important to remember those who can not be with their families, especially those who are separated from their families because of their commitment to their country. Instead of spending time with family, they are spending time with fellow members of the military. With all the hardships that come with a deployment, many military members would likely say that one of their major stressors deals with how their deployment will impact their child custody arrangements.

Harold Hamm divorce continues, wife appeals $1 billion ruling

While divorces happen every day in Mississippi, married couples leave their relationships in a variety of different ways. Many are able to, in a relatively peaceful manner, make decisions about their assets and children without having to go through the stresses of a trial. However, some are unable to do this, and the couple heads to court to settle their divorce. One billionaire former couple, Harold Hamm and Sue Ann Arnall, have recently spent 10 weeks in court that ended with Arnall being awarded approximately $1 billion. Their battle is destined to continue as Arnall intends to appeal the ruling.