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Mississippi divorce lawyers can help negotiate alimony

Marriage is difficult. In addition to some of the inherent difficulties, people tend to change as time passes, making those who were once compatible no longer a perfect match. As a result, many people decide that it is in their own best interest and that of their family to seek a divorce. However, once the decision to seek a divorce has been made, many more decisions will follow -- some that may result in contention. Luckily, there is experienced assistance available in Mississippi to help you negotiate even the most contentious issues, including alimony.

Although the overall attitude toward alimony seems to have undergone a shift over the course of the last 10 years, it is essentially money paid to one spouse in order to help maintain a similar standard of living once the marriage has ended. There are three different forms of alimony:

  • Periodic payments are typically paid monthly and can be changed. These payments stop when circumstances change -- including if the receiving spouse remarries and/or begins living with someone else.
  • Alimony that is rehabilitative is similar in nature to periodic payments. However, these payments generally last for a short period of time with the purpose of assisting the receiving spouse to re-enter the workforce.
  • A lump sum payment is fixed and cannot be changed.

A court will take several things into consideration when determining whether alimony is appropriate and, if so, what amount. These items include earning capacity, the overall health of each spouse and needs of any children, among others. Issues surrounding alimony can sometimes be contentious. However, there is help available to guide you through these negotiations in pursuit of the best possible outcome.

The attorneys at Maggio Law Firm, PC are experienced with Mississippi family law cases. They can fight for a fair resolution of your divorce concerns. There is additional information regarding our services and experience on our webpage dedicated to alimony issues.

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