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Experienced guidance can help in a Mississippi divorce

Many people agonize over whether to end a marriage. However, after the decision is made, many would agree that the decision to seek a divorce was the best one for their situation. That decision, though, is just the first step in the process. There are many issues that must be resolved, often including child custody and support and property division. For many, dividing marital assets can be a complicated process requiring guidance from those well-versed in Mississippi family law.

Because Mississippi is an equitable distribution state in regard to marital property, you may need to determine what assets are a marital asset subject to division. Our lawyers can help determine what should, such as an increase in property value during the course of the marriage, and should not, such as an inheritance, be considered a marital asset. We can help with businesses, properties and retirement accounts, among others.

While many television shows portray a divorce as being bitterly argued in court, we can help reduce the amount of time spent in court and decisions that must be made by a judge. By helping you prioritize and negotiate with your estranged spouse, we will try to avoid litigation in court as much as possible. By doing so, the cost and length of divorce proceedings can be shortened.

Once you have made the decision to close one chapter and open another by seeking a divorce, our law firm can help you successfully reach your goals. Our knowledge of Mississippi family law and experience with property division can help you determine what is in your best interest. For more information, see our property division page.

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