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Man faces 2 years in prison for failing to pay child support

The relationship between a parent and child is often a special one. Many people will look back on their relationship with their parents as a defining one in their lives. Unfortunately, as many people in Mississippi know, a parent’s failure to make child support payments can have a significant impact on the family dynamic. One man has now been found guilty of charges related to court-ordered support payments.

The man was indicted on charges of willfully failing to make payments as well as additional drug charges in January 2014. He was recently found guilty of these charges. Court officials claim that the 52-year-old man has not made any child support payments for his four children since he was ordered to do so in May 2004. As a result, he owes approximately $70,000 in missed payments.

He is now awaiting sentencing. On just the child support issue, he could face up to two years in prison as well as a $250,000 fine. He faces additional jail time and fines as a result of the drug charges.

There are few people in this country who have not, at some point in their life, experienced a form of economic hardship. It is understandable that a person who has recently lost a job or experienced some other unexpected and significant change of circumstances might have difficulty making court-ordered child support payments. However, in order for these people to risk endangering their relationship with their child and their child’s other parent, in addition to consequences such as jail time or wage garnishment, it is important to discuss this change of circumstances with the court. In some cases, Mississippi courts will take these circumstances into consideration when contemplating a child support modification.

Source: Portland Press Herald, "Man convicted in Maine of failing to pay $70,000 in child support", Scott Dolan, July 30, 2014

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