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Divorce papers contest McPhee's, husband's separation

People in Mississippi know that marriage is often a difficult undertaking. Even couples who seem to have the best relationships often have areas in which they struggle. However, some might argue that the glare of a Hollywood spotlight could place even more stress on a relationship. For example, Katharine McPhee and her husband, Nick Cokas, have recently taken measures to seek a divorce.

Marital problems between McPhee and Cokas become fodder for tabloids last year. At the time, she was photographed kissing the married producer of her television show. However, Cokas and McPhee were seen together after the affair was made known, making some people wonder if the couple were working out their differences.

Divorce papers filed afterward seemingly ended the speculation of a reconciliation. While some reports indicate that the McPhee and Cokas were already separated before the affair, and which McPhee claims is the case, Cokas has recently filed papers contradicting this claim. He argues that the couple were still together even after the affair became public as evidenced by marriage counseling sessions in which they participated. The date is an important part of the proceedings, as it could impact property division.

While most people who marry do so thinking they will spend the rest of their lives with their new spouses, many couples learn that they are not compatible. For some, the best decision is to seek a divorce in order to begin the next chapter in their lives. While it is rare that people in Mississippi receive the same media scrutiny as McPhee and her estranged husband, many people still know what is involved with formally ending a marriage and separating the assets of a couple. In most cases, knowledge of state laws governing such proceedings is necessary to ensure fair treatment.

Source: Houston Chronicle, "Katharine McPhee's estranged husband contests separation", , Aug. 13, 2014

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