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Man arrested for owing over $500,000 in child support

Mississippi parents can testify to the fact that raising children is an expensive undertaking. In addition to the basic necessities of life -- such as food, shelter and clothing -- there are doctor's appointments, childcare and many other expenses. As a result, it is essential for both parents to contribute to their child's upbringing. Unfortunately, one man has recently been arrested for allegedly failing to make child support payments.

The man was arrested in late March. An arrest warrant had been issued for him in 2008 due to his alleged failure to make court-ordered child support payments. Although he had allegedly managed to avoid arrest since the warrant was issued five years ago, police state they recently received a tip regarding the man's location and took him into custody.

According to reports, the man owed over $500,000 in back child support payments. He has three children. He has since been released after paying a bond of over $20,000.

Due to the expense of raising a child, it is difficult for a single person to support their children without both parents contributing. However, in a situation where a person finds they are unable to make court-ordered child support payments, Mississippi parents can inform the court of their struggles, especially if those struggles result from a significant, unexpected change in circumstances. Judges will often take such circumstances into consideration when a formal application for modification is presented. Failure to make such payments and to communicate with the court could result in serious consequences for the children as well as punishment for the parents ranging from suspension of a driver's license to potential jail time.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, "Man who owes $555K in child support caught after 5 years", Jeff Mayes, March 26, 2014

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