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April 2014 Archives

Eliot Spitzer, wife agree to divorce settlement

Married life is difficult. Couples in Mississippi must come to some sort of agreement, or peaceful coexistence, over finances, children and professions, among other issues. The normal struggles of married life seem to be magnified for couples who live in the public eye, especially when that transparency leads to allegations that one's husband was involved in a prostitution ring. Although Silda Spitzer initially stood by her husband after such allegations, the couple ultimately decided to divorce.

Ensuring financial security through the divorce process

Most people know that the decision to divorce can be emotionally draining and complicated, even in divorces that are amicable. However, many people are not aware of the potential for serious financial ramifications of the decision. While a divorce can be positive for people in Mississippi, allowing a couple to end an unhappy relationship and begin the next chapter of their lives, there are some actions that could be taken to avoid financial surprises.

Man arrested for owing over $500,000 in child support

Mississippi parents can testify to the fact that raising children is an expensive undertaking. In addition to the basic necessities of life -- such as food, shelter and clothing -- there are doctor's appointments, childcare and many other expenses. As a result, it is essential for both parents to contribute to their child's upbringing. Unfortunately, one man has recently been arrested for allegedly failing to make child support payments.