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Father continues fight for daughter in adoption dispute

In many families in Mississippi, there is nothing sweeter than the relationship between a father and his daughter. While many people might joke that a young girl has the ability to wrap her father around her finger, it does seem that in many cases a father has a certain weakness for his little girl. Unfortunately one man claims that he has never had the opportunity to meet his daughter after his former girlfriend placed her for adoption without his consent.

According to court papers, the man learned that his girlfriend was pregnant in 2009. After the couple's romantic relationship ended, he claims that he provided support to her for her pregnancy and her two children. He further asserts that his intention was to be a father to his unborn child. Unfortunately, he says he lost contact with the woman the month before the child was expected to be born and was initially unable to locate her.

He eventually learned from a friend that a baby boy was born. He was able to track down his former girlfriend on the phone. She texted him pictures of the baby, but informed him that there were some respiratory issues. A few days later, she claimed that the baby had died, but refused to give him more information.

After a court issued an order demanding that she give him more information, he learned that the child was, in fact, a girl and had been placed for adoption in Utah. While he attempted to stop the adoption, the state court threw out his case. However, the Utah Supreme Court has recently decided that the lower court erred in its ruling and stated that whether the man will be allowed to establish his parental rights still needs to be determined.

Many people applaud the man's dedication to his request to establish a relationship with his daughter. Any parent in Mississippi who feels his or her parental rights have been violated also has the right to fight for his or her children. Judges in family courts carefully weigh a parent's legal rights with the best interest of the child in the center of the case.

Source: The Salt Lake City Tribune, Court gives dad second chance in adoption, Brooke Adams, March 1, 2014

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