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Divorce mediation has many benefits for Mississippi couples

Statistics show that January and February may be in competition to be the most popular time for divorce filings. During the holidays, many couples tend to postpone filing for divorce. Once the first two months of the year arrive, some of these couples have there minds made up on ending their marriages. These statistics most likely follow a similar pattern in the state of Mississippi.

Statistics also show that more and more couples choose to make use of mediation rather than going straight into the divorce litigation process. By using the services of mediators, couples are given the opportunity to discuss and make decisions on subjects including asset division, child custody, visitation and spousal support in a calm and unemotional manner. In a litigated divorce, the court has the discretion to make many of these important decisions on behalf of the spouses.

While Valentine's day is associated with love and companionship, it may be a good idea to attempt to keep the divorce process amicable. This could also benefit children, as it may allow for a smoother transition from one home to two. Although a couple will no longer remain married by law, mediation may allow for them to have an improved parenting environment..

Unless the protection of the court is necessary in cases where mental illness or domestic violence are present, Mississippi couples who are contemplating divorce may want to gain some knowledge of their available mediation options. Many couples who chose this option may be able to eliminate a court from making many of their important decisions. There are also many financial benefits of mediation that couples should take into consideration when planning for a divorce..

Source: The Huffington Post, 'Happy Valentine's Day. I Want a Divorce.', Michelle Crosby, Feb. 5, 2014

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