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Child support dispute heads back to court

A Mississippi judge has ruled that a child support dispute must head back to court. In an interesting turn of events, the judge has actually reversed a previous decision regarding the amount of child support that will be paid. The case will now be heard by another court in Monroe County.

This case has its origins in a divorce that happened back in 2005. It seems that the Mississippi Supreme Court has ruled that this case be reconsidered after so much time has passed because of issues that have recently been brought to attention. In the original divorce settlement, the mother was awarded custody of both children but the exact amount of child support is not specified.

After the mother was awarded custody of the children, the father eventually assumed custody of one. While it is not specified why this arrangement was reached, both parents agreed to decrease the amount of support paid to the mother. The issues between the parents were brought to the attention of the court because, while the attorneys for the parents agreed to this arrangement, it was never approved or presented to the court. It appears that the father was faithful in the agreement to pay a lesser amount of child support, yet he was still held in contempt of court for violating the court-approved divorce agreement.

Family court considers child support to be a very serious issue. This means that even if both parties agree to changes in the parenting or support plan, all changes should be submitted through the proper channels. If an amendment is needed, it can be important to make sure that all legal requirements are followed in order to reach all desired goals.

Source: The Republic, Mississippi Supreme Court reverses child support ruling; sends case back to Monroe Co., No author, Jan. 22, 2015

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