Injured In A Gulfport Drunk Driving Accident?

Driving drunk is sheer negligence, if not a recklessness or indifference. The intoxicated driver never meant to hurt anyone, but never should have gotten behind the wheel. Now you and your family are suffering the consequences of his or her bad decision.

The Maggio Law Firm, PC, will aggressively pursue every dollar you deserve for injuries in a drunk driving accident. We will hold the driver accountable, including punitive damages. We will explore claims against other parties who contributed to the fateful collision by providing the alcohol. We will pursue every avenue to compensate you for your injuries, losses and suffering.

Gulfport trial lawyer Stephen Maggio represents auto accident victims on the Gulf Coast and throughout Mississippi and Alabama. He has obtained recovered millions of dollars in personal injury and wrongful death damage, including drunk driver cases.

Full Compensation For A DUI Accident
Biloxi Drunk Driver Injury Attorney

Most people think that a drunk driver accident is a slam-dunk million-dollar case, especially when an innocent person is maimed or killed. In reality most such cases are not that simple or fruitful. You still need an experienced attorney who knows how to investigate and document a solid case, stand firm against the insurance companies and perhaps go all the way to trial.

  • Mississippi's dram shop law allows victims of drunk drivers to sue the bar or restaurant. But we must meet a high standard of proof that the establishment served alcohol to a person who was visibly drunk or too young to drink.
  • Mississippi also provides for punitive damages in a drunk driving case, but it is difficult to collect. Most drivers are not insured for that, unless they are independently wealthy or operating a commercial vehicle.

We do explore all sources of coverage, but in the end your compensation may come down to our commitment to thoroughly working the case. The real value of your claim is in your hospital bills and future medical care, your lost income, your lasting disability or disfigurement, and your pain and suffering.

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