Texting, Cellphone And Distracted Driving Accidents

Even back when he was a municipal judge, Stephen Maggio saw many cases of drivers distracted by cellphones. Since the advent of text messaging, the problem has only gotten worse. Despite laws in Mississippi and Alabama that ban texting while driving, this rampant and reckless behavior continues to cause accidents.

The Maggio Law Firm, PC, represents victims of car accidents caused by distracted drivers. We hold those drivers — and in some cases their employers — accountable for personal injury damages, including compensation for lasting injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Gulfport attorney Stephen Maggio has obtained notable verdicts and settlements in auto accident litigation, including accidents tracing directly to distracted driving. We handle motor vehicle collisions on the Gulf Coast, throughout Mississippi and Alabama, and beyond.

The Dangers Of Distracted Drivers

For all the campaigns against drunk driving, texting while driving is actually a bigger menace to the traveling public. In fact, studies have found that the reaction times of texting drivers are as slow as those of drivers intoxicated by alcohol.

The person's eyes, hands and attention are diverted from the road at the same time. As a result, text-obsessed drivers cross the center line, veer into the adjacent lane, run a stoplight, rear-end another car or simply hit the brakes too late in a crash situation. The injuries are often worse because of these factors.

Other studies have shown that using a cellphone, period, greatly increases the chances of a crash — even a hands-free phone. Beyond phones, drivers may be dangerously preoccupied by applying makeup, shaving, reading, reaching into the back seat or glove compartment, or merely changing the music. All it takes is a split second of inattention or a jerk of the wheel.

Accountability For Texting While Driving

Although texting while driving is illegal, it does not necessarily translate into extra compensation such as punitive damages. But it does make it easier to hold that driver accountable, as the insurance company will not be eager to go to trial. If necessary, we can subpoena the driver's phone records to prove that the person was talking or texting at the time of the crash.

Some of the worst offenders for texting, cellphone and distracted driving accidents are people using phones while driving on the job — sales reps, utility workers, delivery drivers, even insurance adjusters. We will pursue legal action against the employer when appropriate to maximize the compensation for a client's severe injuries.

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