Domestic Violence

Gulfport Domestic Abuse

Whether you are of domestic abuse or you are looking for a defense attorney, you need a lawyer who is equipped to handle your case and understands the court system. If you are convicted of domestic violence, you can lose your right to carry a firearm or hunting weapon. A conviction can also effect your present or future employment. It is important to have an attorney who can achieve the best results possible.

Consider working with Maggio Law Firm, PC, - where you'll get realistic answers and approachable solutions from a firm that understands your needs at such a difficult time. Our firm represents victims and persons charged with domestic violence. We handle cases in Gulfport, all along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and throughout Mississippi.

Attorney Stephen Maggio and his support staff are equipped to handle both criminal and civil domestic violence cases. Mr. Maggio is a knowledgeable and experienced courtroom attorney who can a creative, strategic and well prepared strategy in every case. He is aggressive in the courtroom - but understanding and responsive toward all his clients.

Biloxi Domestic Abuse and Spousal Abuse

Our firm often works with women who may be looking to get out of an abusive relationship or a hostile living situation and with spouses who have been charged with being abusive. Many times, our clients are concerned about their children, getting their bills paid and living without the support in such tragic situation. Don't let fear and uncertainty hold you back from seeking help. At Maggio Law Firm, PC, we can find a positive solution.

If you are feeling uncertain and worried, come to a firm where you will be treated with individual attention and your needs will be addressed. We are dedicated to identifying positive solutions for our clients and always work to achieve positive solutions that our clients will benefit from.

Defense From a Gulfport Domestic Violence Attorney

If you are facing a domestic abuse charge, choosing a defense attorney will likely be an important decision you will have to make in a timely manner. If you are looking for knowledge and approachability from you lawyer, choose attorney Stephen Maggio.

We provide quality defense for individuals because we understand all aspects of the law. For instance, your life may be drastically limited if convicted of a domestic violence charge. Our firm works to minimize charges so your future will not be limited by criminal or civil charges.

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